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Angled Power Strip (with LED Lighting)
Compact LED Lighted Angle Power Strip

Angled Power Strip (with LED Lighting)

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  • See full description below product selection features
  • Only 1 5/8" High x 2 5/8" length, hides neatly under a upper cabinet.
  • Offered in two models, 1) with Integrated 15V DC Driver and On/Off Switch or 2) with driver mounted remotely (e.g. inside base cabinet, etc.)
  • Frosted, light-diffusing lens
  • RPVC (mount), extruded aluminum (heat-sink)
  • Lengths longer than 72 1/2" are built with a seam when assembled
  • All Tamper Resistant 15 Amp Single Outlets

Choose Options

Driver Location

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External, mounted remotely NOT INCLUDED
Integrated into panel
Remote Driver LED Wattage

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1/2 watt
Select Remote 1/2 Watt Size

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Customize Strip to your Specifications

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No Customization
Design your Custom Angled Power Strip
Finish Color

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LED Color Temperture

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If NO SELECTION MADE then select No Customization; Otherwise a customization charge will apply

The All-In-One Angled Power Strip with LED Lighting gives you the best of both worlds to provide power and lighting for your project, by combining the Slimline Angled Power Strip (APT) and the Premium Under Cabinet LED light strips (SG9) in one unit.


This compact, 1 5/8 inch high x 2 5/8 wide low profile extruded aluminum fixture come assembled with concealed wire management wireways, and hidden poke-home hidden connectors make for an easy installation.


All LED fixtures require a low voltage power source (called Driver) to supply current to the LED’s. Depending on your lighting requirements drivers are integrated into some of the models offered and others without; this is covered in detail below.  

Note: “Task Lighting's LED policy is that the warranty is VOID on the LED if the customer supplied there own driver(s) because of the many variations in drivers due to the lack of protection circuits and quality of the 15 volt DC outputs that can cause failures.”

However, before getting into the all the features and options, a definition of the lighting parameters are given.


Light Color and Intensity


Today all LED lighting color is rated as either warm white (2700k) or natural (3000k). Where the letter “k” means Kelvin Temperature. The amount of light produced is measured in lumens of which 880 lumens is equivalent to the old style 60-watt incandescent light bulb. Understanding this concept will help you select the correct wattage of the LED lighting strips. Two wattages are available to select from, being either quarter-watt (414 lumens per foot) or half-watt (540 lumens per foot). There is an approximate 23% difference between the two wattages.


Basic Model


Mostly used for a self-contained fixture with a single on/off control of the lights within the strip. These All-In-One Angled Power Strips with LED Lighting contain the Driver and an on/off switch. Wattage is limited to Quarter watt units in sizes ranging from 10 ½” to 36 ½, and Half watt units ranging from  10 ½” to 24 ½”. These are the largest lengths available because of driver physical size limitations. However, there is another solution for sizes up to 96 ½” which are the Flexible Model units.


Flexible Model – using Remote/External Driver(s)


The flexible design models provide the most versatile configuration for the All-in-One Angled Power Strip. The driver(s) are mounted externally, e.g., in the base of a cabinet behind the drawers, etc. The on/off switch is optional because there may be a requirement to control multiple fixtures from one switch.


Ultimate Design and Control


For those design configurations that require additional features, such as adding 3-way switches, 4-way switch, dual rocker switches, USB Chargers, etc. splitting the power strip from the LED lighting is an alternative to the All-in-One fixtures.  The TR Series Angled Power Strip and the Premium SG9 Series are available for this type of solution.

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