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Angled Power Strips

Video: Overview of Single and Duplex Angled Power Strips

This video illustrates how the angled power strip eliminates the need for backsplash receptacles. The power strip comes with various options available, such as: single outlets, tamper resistant duplex outlets, on/off switches, cable jacks and more.
APS - Angled Power Strip (single receptacle)
This compact angled power strip has a very small footprint. Single outlet receptacles are used within this strip.
TRS - Tamper Resistance Strip (duplex receptacle)
The Tamper Resistance Angled Power strips contain tamper resistance duplex receptacles. Various optional inserts can be substituted for any receptacle.
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Video: Installation of Single and Duplex Angled Power Strips

This video shows how to install the Single and Duplex Angled Power Strips. All strips are custom made to your order needs. LED power transformers can be incorporated for under cabinet lighting. Angled Power Strips are available in 10 standard lengths, single receptacle (APS model) or tamper resistant duplex receptacles (TRS model.) Additional insert receptacles; switches; multimedia inserts (data, TV, phone jacks) are an option.