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Cree Inc.

An American corporation founded in 1987 by researchers from North Carolina State University,located in Durham, North Carolina. 

 Cree is the second largest developer and manufacturer of LED chips owning multiple patents on the manufacturing of LED chips and technologies to produce the highest CRI (Color Rendering Index.)

Cree is the world leader and number one manufacturer and innovator known in the Solid State lighting industry as a market leader of efficient High Intensity White Light LED and semiconductor technology.

Cree LED's can be found in:
  • Focus/Arrow MR16 LED and the new, second generation OMNI LED. (This product was developed as a partner relationship between Focus Industries and Cree.)
  • Digital Camera Flash
  • Full Motion Video Signs
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Traffic Signals
  • Cellular Phone Back Lighting
Cree prides itself on producing the best quality LED chips.
Not all LED Chips Are Created Equal
Don't be fooled
How can you tell!
First, understanding that all LED chips manufactured are sorted into Bins after manufacturing.
- low bins for the poorest light output and
- high bins for the highest light output.

Only the best LED's from the highest level Bins at Cree are used in the ARROW and new 3 watt Omni LED's. The remainder are sold off to other manufacturers.

Just compare Focus/ARROW light output and color to any other LED on the market. That is why the outstanding 5 and 10 year warranties can be given.

Go Green!
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