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DMX 4 Channel Decoder

DMX 4 Channel Decoder
DMX 4 Channel Color Controller


  • Features & Benefits:Use up to 10 Channel Decoder in a daisy chain connection
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Part Number:CPW-276-DI*DI-1810

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he DMX 4 Channel Decoder translates DMX signals into the PWM control signal used by RGB LED lights and allows flawless integration into new and existing DMX 512 installations. With the 4 Channel DMX Decoder, you are no longer limited to DMX fixtures, whether your application includes color-changing RGB or RGBW tape light or RGB light fixtures. This decoder is indispensable for users who require a modular color-changing light set-up, whether for temporary or permanent DMX installations.

This DMX Decoder features a digital display that is much easier to work with than traditional dip-switches, as well as a secure screw-down terminal for strong connections. When used with our DMX Splitter, there is virtually no limit to the number of color-changing LED strip lights or fixtures for your installation.

The DMX 4 Channel decoder gives you more LED options and more LED freedom in installations like:

  • Nightclubs & restaurants
  • Theater & stage
  • Concert halls
  • Architectural accenting

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