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Neon Blaze Diffused Flexible Lighting with White to RGB color options

Neon Blaze Diffused Flexible Lighting with White to RGB color options
Neon Blaze solid colors & MultiColor


  • Features & Benefits:
  • Mimics traditional neon
  • Tight bend radius
  • Lettering or accent lighting
  • Two flexible styles - side or top emitting
  • Warranty:5 Years
  • Specifications:
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Wattage: See selections
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Max Run: 16 to 65 ft
  • Field Cuttable
  • - Single Color Yes
  • - RGB No
  • UL Listed 2108
  • Environment:
  • Indoor/outdoor IP65
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Part Number:CPW-220-DI*DI-24V-

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Note: Multicolor Only Available with Side Emitting
Bending LED Emitting Options

More Info?

Bendable Top Emitting
Bendable Side Emitting
Watts & Max Run (Top Emitter)
NBL4 - 4.4 watts/ft 16ft
NBL2 - 2.4 watts/ft 32ft
NBL1 - 1.2 watts/ft 65ft
Lumens by color (NBL4 Top Emit)
Green - 151 lumen/ft
Blue - 37 lumen/ft
Purple - 4 lumen/ft
Pink - 110 lumen/ft
Red - 64 lumen/ft
Gold - 184 lumen/ft
White 2700K - 248 lumen/ft
White 3500K - 273 lumen/ft
White 6300K - 266 lumen/ft
The Neon Blaze® mimics traditional neon lighting. Designers and installers have the flexibility to utilize bendable side-emitting or top-emitting products.

Side Emitting
The vibrant colors utilize our Zero Line Difusion technology to provide a saturated even color from end to end bring the ultimate neon lighting into your project.

Choose from multiple outputs in lengths up to 65 feet in the most popular colors. The solid colors are field-cuttable and easy to install with multiple mounting options. We also have multicolor neon lighting of which are factory cut to your specific needs.

Top Emitting

The Neon Blaze products can be dimmed depending upon your needs or simply turned on and off by a switch. If dimming is required, then a dimmable driver (power supply) is used. For non-dimming, a constant voltage driver is used. Depending upon your installation requirements, there are three mounting options; Bottom Clips, Top Clips, and Aluminum channels.

See Neon Blaze Accessories for more details!


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