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SempriaLED Mini Accent Light Fixtures (Flat or Angled)

SempriaLED Mini Accent Light Fixtures (Flat or Angled)
LED Flat Strip 1/8 and 1/4 watt


  • 50,000 Hours LED Life at 70% Lumen Maintenance
  • Only 1/2 inch profile
  • 48" Integrated wireway system for concealed wire management
  • Custom cut wireway to your size
  • 15 volt DC power supply can be integrated with angle power strips (order separately)
  • Frosted, light-diffusing lens
  • RPVC (mount), extruded aluminum (heat-sink)
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Part Number:CPW-112-TLS*S

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Select Flat or Angled Housing
Select Intensity
174 Lumens/ft (2 Watt/ft)
414 Lumens/ft (4 Watt/ft)
Select Lower Intensity E Fixture Size (2 Watts/ft)
LED Color Temperature

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Notes and Comments
This compact, low 1/2" low profile series of LED extruded aluminum under cabinet lighting fixture with concealed wire management wireways and hidden poke-home hidden connectors makes for an easy installation. Being LED,  the long-lasting use and energy saving will be a benefit to you for years to come. Just add a low-voltage DC power supply and enjoy the comfortable display, cove or under cabinet lighting effect in your home.

The Mini Strip Light with flat housing and medium-light output fits into small spaces for a low profile, easy to conceal lighting. The "No Dot" lens eliminates individual LED diode reflections on polished surfaces. Use in the toe kick, above cabinets, inside ceiling coves, or behind the face frame for interior cabinet lighting. Dim with compatible dimmer. Use with remote power supply ordered separately. Mounting hardware included. Requires installation by a licensed electrician.

Note: “Task Lighting's LED policy is that the warranty is VOID on the LED if the customer supplied there own driver(s) because of the many variations in drivers due to the lack of protection circuits and quality of the 12 volt DC outputs that can cause failures.”

Wireless dimmer control is an optional accessory that will give you the ease of controlling you're under mount lighting system.


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