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Combo Dimmer Switch/Driver
All-In-One Dimmer/Driver

Combo Dimmer Switch/Driver

Manufacturers Suggested List Price: $159.99
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Part Number:CPW-DI*DI-
  • Installation Requirement:Fits in standard electrical junction box
  • Electrical Options:12 volt DC, 40 watt or 60 watt; 24 volt DC 60 watt or 100 watt;
  • Warranty:5 years
  • Detail Description:See to left for video overview, below are installation and detail specifications

Choose Options

Voltage help
12V DC
24V DC
12V Wattages help
40 Watts
60 Watts
Trim & Face Plate (Optional)
Rock Switch Color
Combo Dimmer Switch/DriverThis dimmer fits into a standard junction box and has an integrated driver that converts 120VAC to either 12VDC or 24VDC to power your LED products. This means, all you need between your line voltage and LED low voltage lighting is the Switchex® Driver + Dimmer In One.

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