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Angled Power Strip with Optional Multifunctional Accessories (Build to your Exact Specifications)

Angled Power Strip with Optional Multifunctional Accessories <i>(Build to your Exact Specifications)</i>
Angled Power Strip with 21+ Multifunctional Accessories


  • Features & Benefits:Custom built to your specifications with a choice of 21+ optional additional/replacement devices, device placement, followed with a detail drawing before being scheduled for manufacturing.
    LED DRIVERS (20 or 35 watt) - can be mounted internally. An available low voltage divider plate is required to separate the driver from the A/C voltage.
  • Specifications:UL/CL Listed; Receptacles - 20 amp Tamper Resistant; Knockout for power input (std. 1 1/2" from each end cap) or your own placement; custom lengths 9" to 90" standard lengths, lengths longer than 90" are built with a seam when assembled"
  • Warranty:Limited Warranty 3-years
  • Material Specifications:Durable powder coated finishes; White, Black, Satin Nickel, Bronze
  • Optional Features:12V or 24V 60 watt dimmable driver for LED Lighting
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Part Number:CPW-124-TP*CTR

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Manufacturing Delay - Due to Supply Chain and labor Issue this product is projected to be available again Fall/2022

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Receptacle Amperage

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20 Amp
Strip Length Std 20A 9" to 90"

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Build to your specifications

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Factory Custom Cut to Size Only
Custom Length whole inches

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2 chars left
Note: Custom length must be less than Strip Size Selected!
Custom Length Fraction of Inch

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Outlet Colors
Finish Colors
Optional Custom Accessory Selection
Additional Outlets or Accessories that can be added
Description of Custom Accessories

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Strip Position 1, (left most) Available Options, 20 Amp Default
Custom Fixture

This versatile Tamper-Resistant Angled Power Strip is used to hide from sight, backsplash basic electrical outlets and switches. Adding 21+ possible variations of accessories including additional receptacles give a total of 6000+ possibilities that are custom built to your specifications. For example, USB chargers; 3 & 4 switches, TV connection, LED Drivers, and more. Custom cut sizes can be specified with a range from 7" to any length; however, lengths over 90 inches will have a seam. Frames are extruded aluminum with powder coated finishes in black, white, satin nickel and bronze finishes.

20 Amp Outlets. See Blog: Which Angled Power Strip do I Need, 15, 20 Amp or Tamper-Resistant for details.

Note: Strips with an empty opening cannot be ordered because the UL/CL approval will no longer apply.

The selection of options is easy to use by just following the drop-down categories of options and functions.TR Series includes 20 amp duplex outlets which apply to 15 or 20 amp branch circuits meeting municipality building codes. Technically, special mounting plates for Decora duplex receptacles are used, rated at 125 Volt, NEMA: 5-15R, Pole: 2, 3-Wire, Straight Blade, Grounding, Quickwire Push-In & Side, Standards, and UL/CL Certifications.

  • Shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted, helping ensure hairpins, keys, etc., will be locked out from the outlet.
  • TR symbol on residential receptacles assures they meet the 2008 NEC requirement.
  • Ultrasonic heavy-duty construction offers long, trouble-free service life.
  • Protects children from electrical shock injuries.
  • Double-wipe power contacts for reliable conductivity and plug retention.
Custom Design your Angled Power Strip by adding switches extra outlets and more. You will receive a drawing of your custom designed Angled Power Strip for approval before it is sent to our production line. After selecting the size you will see what the maximum number of positions are available for adding accessories or replacing outlets with other accessories. The standard outlets are displayed by viewing the strip from left to right. Position 1 is the leftmost position as seen in the example image. Just select the drop-down arrow for a list of all available accessories. In the example below a switch replaced the normal outlet and a USB Charger was added to the right in position 3.

Sample TRS


Tamper Resistant Square Junction Box
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Low Voltage Divider Plate
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