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Frequently Asked Questions about Task Lighting Products

Where to buy Angled Power Strips?

Posted by on 9/2/2022 to Task Lighting FAQ's
Where to buy Angled Power Strips?
Custom Product Works http://www.customproductworks.com contains all  COMPACT Angled Power Strip products with all features/option selections available. For example, the COMPACT series Angled Power Strip contains 21 optional accessories.

Where are the knockouts located on the Angled Power Strips?

Posted by CPW on 4/18/2017 to Task Lighting FAQ's
The center of the knockout for the direct wiring to any of the power strips are located 1 1/2" from the edge with some exceptions. See detail post.

What is a Kelvin and converting Watts to Lumens?

Posted by Terry Turzynski on 3/1/2017 to CPW News

Whatever happened to the 60-watt lightbulb? All that is said today is 800 lumens and 2700k – 3000k kelvins. Huh! 

Which Angled Power Strip do I need 15 amp, 20 amp, Tamper Resistant?

Posted by on 6/24/2016 to Task Lighting FAQ's
Which Angled Power Strip do I need 15 amp, 20 amp, Tamper Resistant?
Angled Power Strips come with 5 variations of outlets, 15 amp, 20 amp, Single Outlets, Duplex Outlets and (Tamper Resistant, Non-tamper Resistant). Depending on your needs, the right combination is available for you to keep your cost as low as possible.

Are Angled Power Strips Direct Wired?

Posted by Customer on 1/10/2016 to Task Lighting FAQ's
The Angled Power Strips come prewired internally with standard knockouts available on both ends of the strip. Plugin quick connectors are located inside for the connection to making it easy for the installer. Just strip the external wire and plug it in! 

Do Angled Power Strips have GFI capability?

Posted by CPW on 8/3/2015 to Task Lighting FAQ's
Because of the size constraints of the power strip, a GFI will not fit in the strip. However, there are two ways to take care of this situation. 1) Replace the circuit breaker in the load center with a GFI breaker and that will protect the circuit. 2) Feed the angled power strip from the load side of an outlet with a GFI in it.