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Understanding Menu and Option Selections

Understanding Focus product web-site navigation

To find a landscape lighting solution for your yard or building it starts with the selection of the functional use the light fixture is to perform. Each menu item represents a light fixture function category. E.g. Area Lighting.

Finding the required function

By selecting a functional category menu item (e.g. Area Lighting) the various fixture styles (e.g. china Hat, Pagoda, …) will be displayed for review. During the review of the different image styles and a style that fits the architecture of the lighting design is found, by clicking the image style the detailed features of that style are displayed.

Feature Selection 

When you select a style a standard Product Page for that style is displayed. This is the standard configuration for that style selected. If a China Hat style was chosen, it will be part number AL-01-BLT (Note: knowing the part number configuration is not required.) However, this part number represents the China Hat style, containing 5.5” hat, incandescent 18w bayonet bulb, cast aluminum housing, black powder coated finish and the standard mounting hardware. For the features that can be changed like the light source, they are defined in the option selection Light Source. The standard features are pre-selected; however,  you may select any option and if an up-charge is required, the amount will display in the pull-down list.

Selling Price

The price shown is for the standard configuration style only. The discount off of the MSRP or List Price is for those prices. At the time of checkout, the newly configured price will be shown and a new discount will be calculated. As different preferences and specifications are chosen the price will change according the the up-charge or add-on price attached to the option list. The price shown on the various options is an add-on to the base price. This add-on price is not the same if a fixture were built using individual parts to configure a fixture. The add-on price takes into account the price that is already in the base price of the product resulting in a better price.

Option Selection

The objective of the options, allow for the configuration of fixture that meet your specific preferences and needs. By selecting a different option, the price may change if an additional charge for the specific option is required.

Storing Product Configuration

Add-to-Cart allows the viewer to save the configuration during this showing. It does not mean your placing an order for the product. It will store all configuration or selections for this session. However, the selections are lost when you close out the session.


Before you can save your configured product selection, you must provide yourself a login and password for your next visit. Once you login, the next time you visit Custom Product Works you can review your prior selections.