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What is a Kelvin and converting Watts to Lumens?

Posted by Terry Turzynski on 3/1/2017 to CPW News

Whatever happened to the 60-watt light bulb? All that is said today is 800 lumens and 2700k – 3000k kelvins. Huh! With the introduction of the LED light source all has changed. It is very confusing of what light bulb to buy. Here is a very simple way of understanding what has replaced the old incandescent bulb.

Brightness:  800 lumens is similar to your old 60-watt incandescent bulb which is a comparable level of light.

Color: Picking the right bulb with respect to color temperature is very tricky. A simple solution is to stick with something familiar and use it everywhere. Here is how to do that. Buy light bulbs that have the same Kelvin rating. Typical incandescent are around 2700K (warm) to 3000K (cool.) 

Choose the bulbs in that color range of the incandescent for all the fixtures in a single room. If you have two table lamps that do not match in color (chromaticity), it will be very obvious to the eye.