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Wireless Dimmer Rocker-switch and Receiver Options

Wireless Dimmer Rocker-switch and Receiver Options
Rocker Switch and Plate Almond


  • Control LED fixtures from any location within 150 feet
  • . Double tap "on" for full-on
  • . Double tap "off" for full-off
  • . Single tap "on" to fade to last setting
  • . Single tap "off" to fade off
  • . Press and hold "on" for gradual fade-up
  • . Press and hold "off" for fade-down
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Part Number:CPW-100-AH*

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Wireless Options
Switch Plate Cover Colors

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These Controller/Switch sets are perfect for energy-saving applications such as architectural dimming, day lighting, load shedding, and manual ON / automatic OFF control. This is a perfect solution where the switch can be mounted anywhere unlike a traditional dimmer switch. Great for retrofit applications. The dimmers are used for custom lighting applications. The wireless dimming controller (E9X-D02FL) responds to self-powered wireless:

  • Self-powered light switches
  • Self-powered wireless sensors
  •  Wired sensors and
  • Wired switches   

that send a signal to the controller.

The ILLUMRA 5A On/Off Fixture Controller is a line-voltage controller that allows lights to be controlled by ILLUMRA self-powered switches, occupancy sensors, light sensors, and gateways to implement power saving strategies. 

The ILLUMRA 600 W Phase Cut Dimming Controller supports forward or reverse phase dimming.

“The E9X-ER6CD is a phase adaptive line voltage lighting controller that automatically provides reverse or forward phase dimming based on the connected load type. The dimmer makes upgrading to a hybrid lighting system easy, by offering phase-adaptive, line voltage dimming for tungsten, two-wire fluorescent, line-voltage LED, and electronic low-voltage transformer loads (120V only).”

The Switch or sensor does not require a BATTERY or WIRE. The wired dimming controller (NWO-D02FP) also responds to wired sensors or wired control switches.

The heart of controlling an LED application is done with our tiny ILLUMRA  PWM Dimming Controller that is connected to the output of the 12 – 24 Volt Constant Voltage Driver, before the LED light application.

The unit delivers 65,000 PWM dimming steps to provide ultra-smooth dimming performance through all light levels. These tiny dimmers are 1/2 to 1/4 the size of other LED dimmers and overcome a major challenge faced by traditional LED dimmers; the devices eliminate the issue of choppiness at low dim levels. Through the use of thousands of PWM dimming steps, the ILLUMRA Constant Voltage LED Dimming Controller creates what is perceived by the natural eye as a single continuous dim -- even at low light levels.

Convert Pull Chain Light to Wall Switch with No Wires

Our basic kit allows for the mounting of a small receiver in the junction box that the 120V A/C light fixture is attached to. The wall switch can be mounted anywhere desired. When you press on the Dacora wall switch it communicates with the receiver and turns on or off the light fixture.

Move a Wall Switch to another location with No Wires

The original switch connection is replaced with the small receiver as above. Then the wireless switch can be mounted anywhere. 

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