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All-in-One LED Lighted Power Strips

Since 2018 most professional designers' and installers' opinions are that the All-in-One is not the best solution for LED lighting applications and a practical power source for appliances.

The All-in-One looks like a good solution to the consumer, but in reality, is not the best practical and cost-effective solution for kitchen projects. The trend was created by the manufacturers to replace the 120V A/C lighting products!

  • Looks good
  • imperfections highlighted in the backsplash and diminished countertop lighting.
  • limited-length fixtures (custom lengths available at additional cost.)
  • excessive amounts of unused power outlets.
  • proprietory outlets, not easy to obtain or replace.
  • no dimming capability, on/off switches on each fixture.
  • 30 to 40% higher overall cost when compared to splitting power and LED Strip lighting.

Start with the DOTLESS LED installation-ready Lighting Strips, the modular COMPACT Angled Power Strips with the various options are selected to provide the required power options necessary for each under cabinet power and lighting needs!
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