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Lighted Closet Rod System - DOTLESS, Installation Ready

Lighted Closet Rod System - DOTLESS, Installation Ready
Illumin Closet Rod Example


  • Features & Benefits:
  • No more dark closets to walk into!
    Accurate color display to coordinate wardrobe items. For example: distinguish between dark blue and black because of the high Color Rendering Index (CRI 95+, No fading of colors being displayed.)
    Providing a sleek design to support the heaviest of clothing.
    No Dot LED illumination.
    Made-to-order sizes from 12” to 79” in 1/8” increments at no extra cost.
    Easy to install
    Optional controls available from the simple on/off switch to various motion detectors.
    Driver (Power Supply) sized and sold separately.
  • Installation Requirements:
  • Fully Assembled
    Optional (2) Hanger Brackets for spans greater than 24" or more depending upon hanging load
    Easy to install
  • Warranty:
  • 7 year LED warranty
    5 year Channel warranty
  • LED Specifications:
  • 7 year LED warranty
    5 year Channel warranty
  • Fixture Materials:
  • Closet Rod Channel
    Round Extruded Aluminum Channels approximately 1" in diameter (.95 outside dia.), matt finish
    Wall End and Center Support Mounting brackets (2.4 in)
    Frosted Lens cover
    Max length 78.88”
  • Power Requirements:
  • Driver (Power Supply) Required (Sold separately)
    Total wattage must not exceed Driver output (max 96 watts, Class II rated)
    Dimmable and Non-Dimmable drivers can be used.
  • Control Options:Standard on/off switch controlling driver
    All-in-one dimmable driver/switch combo which fits in standard junction box.
    Motion detector (up to 9.5 feet) controlling driver
  • Certifications:UL Listed 2108, UL Closet Rated.
  • Environment:Indoor/Damp Location / IP65
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Part Number:CPW-322-DL*CPW-

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Input Driver Requirements (Order Separately)
24 VDC Constant Voltage or Dimmable
Incremental Ranges of Lengths Avalilable
Lengths from 12 TO 18 inches

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12 inches
14 inches
15 inches
16 inches
17 inches
18 inches
Fraction of inch
Lens Cover
Mounting Hardware Included

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(2) Wall Mounts
(2) Support Brackets
(1) Closed End Cap
(1) End Cap with wire hole
Leadwire Options

More Info?

3ft both ends
3 ft one end
6ft both ends
6 ft one end
Light Color Temperature

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Notes or Descriptions

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No more dark closets with our SlenderLine DOTLESS LED Lighted Closet Rod system. Accurate color viewing of your wardrobe is provided to distinguish between dark blue and black garments because of our high Color Rendering Index of (95+) rating. The closet rods are easy to install and are made to your specific lengths.

The sleek design allows up to 20 pounds of wardrobe to be hung on a 78.88" span without a support bracket. Depending upon your clothing weight the included slim hangers can be installed for the extra load.  Each rod ordered includes 2 center support brackets. (See Specifications.)

Turning the lights on/off and powering the lights can be accomplished in several different ways depending upon your installation requirements.                       

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