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Sensors & Switches

Sensors &  Switches
Infrared on/off Door/Drawer Switch


  • Control Options:Infrared

    ● Door/Drawer On/Off Sensors
    ● Motion Occupancy Sensors

    ● Proximity Door/Drawer On/Off Sensors

    ● Hand Wave Passive Sensor

    ● Touch On/Off Dimmer Sensors

  • Warranty:3 year warranty
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Part Number:CPW-329-DL*

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Infrared Switches
Sensors Max Loads (36W/72W) (12V-24VDC)
Sensor & Switches
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Various solutions are available to control LED lighting.
  • Infrared (IR) Door Sensor Switch. (DI-1710)

Drawer/Door Switch

Perfect for cabinets, drawers, and doors, the Infrared LED On/Off Switch provides automated on/off light control that is activated by movement within 5 inches. Perfect for cabinets, closets, and drawers, this sleek and low-profile 12V-24V DC LED switch is equipped with a sensitive light sensor that detects when the door or drawer is opened, then activates the light, and turns off when the door or drawer is shut.

Note: objects in the path of the switch should be kept less than 5 inches away to keep the switch in the Off position, or more than 10 inches away to keep the switch in the On position. Objects in the area between 5 to 10 inches may cause the switch to flicker.

  • Motion Occupancy Sensor Switch. (DI-SWTH-HW-OCS) Requires mounting the sensor switch as close as possible to where movement will occur - facing out. The motion sensor activates the light and shuts it off 30 seconds after motion is detected from any direction within 9.5 feet.
Occupancy Activation Diagram
  • Proximity Sensor Switch. (DI-SWTH-PRX) Perfect for cabinet doors and drawers, the switch is off when the sensor is obstructed or blocked. It then turns on when the sensor is uncovered.
Proximity Sensor
  • Wave (PASSIVE) Sensor Switch (DI-SWTH-HW-OCS)
The Passive Sensor Switch is designed to activate the attached LEDs when an object passes fully through the sensor's range. You can simply wave your hand in front of the sensor for a touch-free activation.
Wave Hand Passive Switch
  • LIGHTTOUCH LED Dimmer Switch(DI-1711)
This switch is a compact and dynamic tool for easy dimming of LED lighting. Featuring a fully touch-sensitive housing, you just use a finger for full dimming control and for turning your lights on and off. Touch the housing quickly to switch it on or off, and touch it continuously to smoothly dim the lights. The LIGHTTOUCH Dimmer features DC plugs that are standard to all our DC plug accessories and connect directly to products like TRIANT® LED Puck Lights.

Light Touch Dimmer Switch

This easy-to-use switch takes just minutes to install and comes with 3M adhesive tape for mounting the switch to any clean, flat surface. Simply plug this Inline LED dimmer switch between your 12V or 24V power supply adapter and lighting source. Whether it's indoor tape light, under cabinet lighting or puck lights, this compact and sturdy aluminum unit is the perfect dimmer and on/off switch.

Note: since the entire housing of this switch is touch-sensitive it will respond only to one point of contact with the user, so it cannot be used as a hand-held switch (which creates two points of contact). It must be mounted on a surface so that it can be controlled by only one point of contact with the user.


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