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Commercial Speciality Display Sign Lighting

The EQUIFLUX® 1055 LED Display Graphics Lighting System is a high-powered LED linear light mounted on a rigid metal PCB that provides bright, even lighting for retail and trade show display graphics.

Convention Display Panel

The optical LEDs are specifically designed to produce uniform illumination without hot spots or shadows, with up to 4 feet of light throw. The bright, evenly distributed light renders whites cleanly and colors vividly. Our EQUIFLUX LED Display Graphics Lighting System was specifically designed and engineered by Elemental LED to provide the highest quality center illumination for display graphics with all the inherent benefits of LED technology.

The optical lens directs the light in an intersecting parallel beam, creating a column of consistent illumination. Each LED is covered by a 10X55-degree optical lens that creates an elliptical light throw that optimizes the lumen output. The 10-degree beam angle focuses the vertical light output to provide light within a narrow framework, while the 55-degree beam angle maximizes the spread for overall side-to-side coverage. The result is an ultra-bright, uniform distribution of light with no hot spots or shadows, ideally suited for narrow display frameworks. The lightweight light bar mounts directly to extruded aluminum framing systems and other narrow display frame systems using the included slot-mounted compression screws.

Solid state LEDs are more cost-effective and reliable than traditional display graphics lighting. LEDs produce no UV light, eliminating the risk of fading graphics or damaging materials. The lifespan of the LEDs significantly reduces maintenance costs. At 9 watts per foot, LEDs are considerably more energy efficient than fluorescent display lighting. The LEDs remain cool during operation, increasing your options for placement and eliminating the need for ventilation.