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Wireless Lighting Control Solutions

Selecting the correct dimmer control for your LED application is very important. It is assumed that the correct driver has already been selected for your application which includes the proper wattage size and correct DC voltage ( 12V or 24V designated by your LED light sources.) The following steps will assist with your selection process.

Step 1) What type of driver (Power Supply) is being used? Dimmable or Non-Dimmable?

Step 2) Have a Dimmable Driver

  • A dimmable driver can be dimmed on the input A/C 120 voltage side, like any normal house lighting fixture and wall outlet.
  • DVELV-300P Electronic Low Voltage dimmer can be used.
Step 3) Have a non-dimming driver

With a non-dimming driver and dimmable LED lighting fixtures or LED ribbon tape, there are a few choices available.
  1. The Illumra Wireless rocker switch (Battery-Less) can be mounted anywhere. The switch communicates over a radio frequency (RF) of 902 MHz to a receiver which is mounted with wires from the 12-volt or 24-volt DC side of the driver. The output of the receiver is connected to the LED fixtures or LED ribbon tape.
  2. The Wireless RF (with Battery mounted in the rocker switch) is the same concept as used for a garage door opener. This solution uses the same type of communication as above except the switch requires a small battery. With this solution, the switch can control 4 separate zones of LED lighting with receivers mounted on each zone. For added control, one of the zone switches can be set to control the other two or three zones.
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